DOTA 2 Introduces New Patches with emojis


Valve has started to improve the communication aspect of their competitive game, DOTA 2. Experienced players of this MOBA game remember Valve's counterproductive past approach of being silent, which led to negative rumors and speculations. This situation even led DOTA 2 gamers to complain to a car company (Volvo) over a meme. The positive aspect is that Communication is currently more active. Valve appears to be enjoying Dota 2.

In contrast to their earlier attitude during Dota 2’s release, Valve is now actively communicating about their plans for this esports game and even expressing enjoyment in the process. Do you doubt this claim? Consider the details of their latest patch - 7.34, which is presented in an unconventional manner. The usual lineup of numbers has been replaced by emojis, according to a patch titled 'Emojis in the Dark'. The patch is referred to as 'Emojis in the Dark'.

As expected, the design is aimed at encouraging the community to translate and explore the contents of the patch on their own. There is no clear information on when Valve will release the patch notes in English as usual. Are there any predictions about the most significant changes in this patch?

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