Charles Martinet has resigned from his role as the voice actor for Mario and his position as the "Mario Ambassador".


Charles Martinet, the initial voice actor for Mario, will be resigning from recording voices for Mario games and taking on a new position as a "Mario Ambassador". In his new position, he will serve as a representative for the character and the Mario franchise.

Charles Martinet resigns as Mario voice actor.

Martinet initially portrayed Mario in Mario Teaches Typing, but became widely beloved for his performance in Super Mario 64. He has since contributed his voice to various Nintendo games, including Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Metal Mario, Shadow Mario, Baby Mario, and more.

Nintendo has confirmed to Eurogamer that Charles Martinet will not feature in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, as new voice actors will be taking on the roles of "Mario and/or Luigi".

Regarding Super Mario Bros. Wonder, while Charles is not involved in this game, we are thrilled to pay homage to his legacy and accomplishments. We eagerly anticipate his future endeavors as Mario Ambassador. 

The voice actors for the roles of Mario and/or Luigi in Super Mario Bros. Wonder will be acknowledged in the credits section of the game. Keep an eye out for those updates.

When asked about Martinet's absence from voicing Mario, a Nintendo spokesperson told Eurogamer that "this decision was made after considering various factors." This aligns with what Christopher Dring, head of, told X.

Dring reported that Martinet had mentioned semi-retirement during their last interaction.

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