2023's Most Anticipated Game: Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Overview and rumors


Activision announced its latest shooter, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. The next game in the "Modern Warfare" series will be released on November 10th. It isn't yet known what platforms will get this brand-new game. still, it's estimated that" Modern Warfare III" will visit the PlayStation 5( PS5), PlayStation 4( PS4), Xbox Series X/ S, Xbox One, and PC consoles. The presence of this game was verified directly through the sanctioned Call of Duty account on social media Twitter.  The post reads "The final threat awaits" and contains a 42-second video.

In the video, users can watch graphics resembling all-red radio signals, which are complemented by "Modern Warfare III" character dialog.

More specifically, "Modern Warfare" protagonist Captain Price says, "Never bury your enemy alive." Then, a radio wave appears that resembles the face of Vladimir Makarov, the main antagonist of the original "Modern Warfare III". The video closes with the logo "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III" logo and its launch date. This logo is dominated by red and white, unlike the prequel which was wrapped in green. The short video doesn't show any other details about the shooter, such as cutscenes or gameplay mechanics. The trailer also doesn't reveal the developer who will be working on "Modern Warfare III". However, leaks claim that Sledgehammer Games will be developing the sequel to the game, affectionately called "MW 2", with the help of supporting studios under Activision.

For information, Sledgehammer Games was previously a supporting studio in the making of "Modern Warfare II". Infinity Ward is the main studio working on the game. That said, Activision will reveal more information about the latest "Call of Duty" game on August 17. On this date, the battle royale game "Call of Duty: Warzone" is rumored to present a special event related to "MW 3".

Previously, "Warzone" was often used by Activision to reveal information about the latest "Call of Duty" project.Another leak," Modern Warfare III" will reportedly bring drivers, munitions and other purchases from" Modern Warfare II" and" Warzone". still," stagers" of" MW 2" will no longer need to buy carriers or munitions that have been" hooked" ahead, If accurate. likewise," Call of Duty Modern Warfare III" is said to be developed using the same game machine as its prequels," Modern Warfare II" and" Warzone". therefore, the gameplay will feel the same, for illustration in terms of movement or the use of arms( gunplay). This new game is rumored to be playable on November 2 for users who get early access. The beta test phase begins October 6-10 for PlayStation, and October 12-16 for other platforms.

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