The identity of the fifth Gorosei's name was finally revealed by Eiichiro Oda in One Piece 1086.


As stated in One Piece 1086, these Gorosei names are based on some of the planet names in the Milky Way Galaxy.

At first Oda only revealed the name of one Gorosei, Jaygarcia Saturn, now in Chapter 1086 her entire name is finally revealed in One Piece.

It is known that their names each have the title of Warrior God.

The revelation of the identity of the Five Elders suddenly made a stir, how could it not be, for more than 20 years Oda kept their names a secret.

The following are the names of 5 Gorosei in One Piece along with their meanings and profiles from various sources.

Saint Jay Garcia Saturn - Warrior God of Scientifc Defense

Jay Garcia Saturn is a Gorosei figure who was first revealed by Oda in One Piece.

He has a title called Warrior God of Scientifc Defense.

His features include facial scars on the left side, wearing a black hat and dreadlocks, and wearing a stick.

Saint Shepherd Jupeter - Warrior God Of Agriculture

Shepherd Jupeter is the youngest of the five Gorosei, nicknamed Warrior God Of Agriculture.

He is characterized by blond hair, mustache and beard of the same color.

Saint Topman Valkyrie - Warrior God Of Legal Affairs

Next is Topman Valkyrie, a Gorosei figure in One Piece who is characterized by a bald head with freckles on his forehead and a long white mustache.

It is said that he has the nickname Warrior God Of Legal Affairs, which means Warrior God Of Legal Affairs.

Saint Ethanbaron Venus. Nasujuro - Warrior God Of Finance

Nicknamed the Warrior of the God of Finance, this bald, bespectacled Gorosei has the real name Saint Ethanbaron Venus. Nasujuro.

In addition, his figure is identical to always carrying a sword and his stature is similar to Mahatma Gandhi.

Saint Marcus Mars - Warrior God Of Environment

The figure of Saint Marcus Mars is a long bearded man who has a tall and thin body.

Oda dubbed him as Warrior God Of Environment which means Warrior God of Environment.

Thus, that is the information on the names of the 5 Gorosei in One Piece complete with their meanings and profiles.

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