Aethersx2 developers receive frequent complaints, even death threats.


It's a dark day for the Android emulation community as one of the leading PS2 emulators on the platform has decided to shut down. The developer behind AetherSX2 says he has received "complaints, demands and now death threats" and does not enjoy developing the project. If you go to the official website of AetherSX2, you will see a short message from the developer whose username is his Tahlreth. He says he has "done" the project. It was "always meant to be a fun hobby, not for profit," but it's no longer fun, he says, so it's time to walk away. He said that led him to this point. He claims that "several people" online claim that he represents AetherSX2, but none of them are "legitimate", so beware of scammers when trying to contact him. , says that you should be careful. A Reddit comment by Tahlreth a few weeks ago further reveals why he decided to quit. A user on the EmulationOnAndroid subreddit posted a screenshot of his Discord message Tahlreth sent, saying people were "poking and pushing" him too much and he was "seriously considering quitting altogether." said. In response to this post, Tahlreth commented that he has received thousands of emails about changes his fans think should be made to his emulator. These emails are "nagging," he says, about various features such as 32-bit support, certain game changes, and improvements for older or slower devices. He also points out that his Twitter account, which he shared his Discord message with, is itself a "cheater" and not his. For whatever reason, Tahlreth seems to be done with AetherSX2. On the emulator's official website, he says that archived old builds are still available for download and that AetherSX2 "will continue to work for the time being." However, if he wants regular updates, it looks like he'll have to wait for another PS2 Android emulator. In the meantime, if you're thinking of sending offensive messages and death threats to developers building apps for free, it probably isn't.

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